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NetSuite Connection

Before you start creating Connect iPaaS workflows with NetSuite, you need to allow Connect iPaaS to integrate with NetSuite.

To give access to your NetSuite, create a Token to authorize Connect iPaaS to access your NetSuite data. This token will allow Connect iPaaS to check new and updated records in NetSuite.

As the administrator of your NetSuite account, you can decide how long Connect iPaaS has access to your NetSuite account and what it can access.

NOTE: If you restrict read and write permissions to certain entities, triggers and actions might not work as expected.

Permission For Trigger

Object Permission
http://your-netsuite-instance-name/content/sitecollection/web View Permission

Permission For Actions

Create a Record

Object Permission Create or Full Permission

Update a Record

Object Permission Edit or Full Permission

Creating a Connection

To allow Connect iPaaS to integrate with NetSuite, please execute the following steps.

Enable Web services and token-based access

First, enable Web Services and token-based access.

  • Go to the enable features page and click on the SuiteCloud tab
  • Check the "SOAP Web services" and "Token-Based Authentication" boxes
  • Click "Save" to add your changes.

Enabling NetSuite Integration Features

Figure 1. Enabling NetSuite Integration Features

Create an Integration record

Once the API and token authentication has been enabled, create an Integration record in NetSuite that will represent Connect iPaaS.

  • Go to the Integration section of NetSuite.
  • Check the "Token-based Authentication(TBA)" checkbox
  • Click save

Once you create the Integration record, you will need to record the consumer key and secret

Create NetSuite's Integration Record

Figure 2. Create NetSuite's Integration Record

Create an Integration Role

Next, you will need to create an Integration Role. This is where you will be able to control what permissions Connect iPaaS has while accessing your NetSuite account.

  • Hop on to Setup > Users/Roles> Manage Roles

Create NetSuite's Integration Role

Figure 3. Create NetSuite's Integration Role

Now, you can update an existing role to give access to the NetSuite's API or create a new one.

Two things you should decide:

  • What records Connect iPaaS will have access to
  • What Connect iPaaS can do with the records

NOTE: To derive full benefits that Connect iPaaS has to offer, its recommended to give full permissions.

Grant permissions for NetSuite's Integration Role

Figure 4. Grant permissions for NetSuite's Integration Role

Give the following three permissions to allow the role to log in with a token,

  • Web Services (Full)
  • Log in using Access Tokens (Full)
  • Set Up Company (Full)

Ensure the Role Permissions are set to Full

Figure 5. Ensure the Role Permissions are set to Full

Create an Integration User

Once the role is configured, setup another user that will be assigned to this integration role.

To assign the integration role, navigate to the "Access" tab.

Create Integration User

Figure 6. Create Integration User

Create an Access token

Finally, create an access token. While creating this, make sure to record the token id and secret somewhere, since you will not be able to view it again.

Create Access Token

Figure 7. Create Access Token

How do I connect my NetSuite instance in Connect iPaaS?

Now that you have your API key, you can easily connect your NetSuite instance with Connect iPaaS. On the NetSuite Connection screen, use your new API Key and other details you get through your NetSuite account.

RoboMQ Connect NetSuite Connection Page

Figure 8. RoboMQ Connect iPaaS NetSuite Connection Page

Field Description
Account ID Retrieve the account ID of your NetSuite instance from Integration>Web Services Preferences
Consumer key Consumer key from the integration record that you've just created
Consumer secret Consumer secret from the integration record that you've just created
Token ID Token ID from the access token that you've just created
Token secret Token secret from the access token that you've just created
WSDL Version Version of your NetSuite instance

Putting it all together

Watch a short clip summarizing all the steps that you need to take to setup a connection to your NetSuite instance on Connect iPaaS.