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Microsoft Teams Event Filter

Connect iPaaS provides event filters that enable you to define the selection criteria of events to process. The criteria use attributes of the incoming Microsoft Teams trigger event. This allows selective processing of events.

Event Filters for Microsoft Teams

Figure 1. Event Filtering for Microsoft Teams on Connect iPaaS

In the example shown above , Connect iPaaS will trigger the workflow when message is posted or updated on the General channel of the Products team and when the message posted mentions John and the message has an attachment.

In case of Microsoft Teams, the trigger events can be filtered based on the following attributes:

  • Mentioned User - All the mentioned users in the message.
  • Has Attachments - If the message has an attachment.
  • From - Name of the message sender.
  • Content - The content of the message
  • Attachment Name - Name of the files attached to the message.
  • Mentioned Outgoing Webhook - All the mentioned webhooks in the message.
  • Mentioned Channel - All the mentioned channels in the message.
  • Created At - The date and time of when the message was posted or updated on a channel.

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.