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Magento2x Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that you can perform on Magento 2.x by simple drag-drop and data mapping of elements and values from the input trigger, derived values using formulas or a desired constant that you wish to map.

All of the actions that you see below automate what you can do manually on Magento 2.x application.

As shown below, you can Create, Update or Delete Object in your Magento 2.x application in response to a trigger event.

Action for Magento 2.x Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Action for Magento 2.x Application on Connect iPaaS

Choose Entity Type to Perform Action On

This page is where you specify from a list of entities (Magento standard) on which to perform an action based on the input trigger. The selection row shows a list of options to choose from including four standard entities followed and an option to select "Others" entities which include all other standard entities. The four common standard entities are

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Stocks

Magento 2.x Choose Entity type

Figure 2. Magento 2.x Choose Entity type

A list of supported action entities is located here.

Create Object

This action will create new object(s) in the Magento 2.x application from the list of entities based on the input trigger defined.

Magento 2.x Create Object

Figure 3. Magento 2.x Create Object Action

After selecting the entity, you will see the attributes that are needed to create that entity. You can either type in the values of these attributes or can fill the values using data mapping and transformation or you can use Excel-style functions for complex transformations. You can also use the evaluate functionality for deferring making a selection from a list when the flow execution is in progress.

In the example shown in Figure 3, a new product is configured with the data from new object created in the Dynamics 365 CRM. The new product details like Product Name, SKU, Price and Descriptionwill be mapped in Magento from the fields created in Dynamics 365 CRM like Name, Product ID, List Price, Description.

Delete Object

Choose this action to delete an object in Magento based on the input triggers you defined. You first need to select the entity from which you want to delete the record(s). Once the entity is selected you can add where condition on the entity attributes.

For example in Figure 4, the entity Customers with the specified Email deleted in Salesforce will also be deleted in Magento.

Magento 2.x Delete Object

Figure 4. Magento 2.x Delete Object Action

Update Object

You can update the existing record(s) for an entity based on the condition you apply. To update records, you first need to select which entity you want to update. Once the entity is selected, you can add the condition on the selected attributes and can select fields that you want to update based on the condition applied.

For example in the Figure 5, the entity Products is selected and when the Price is less than the mapped field of List price, then certain fields of Product like SKU, Name, Price and Attribute Set Name get updated by using the mapped field of Dynamics 365 CRM.

Magento 2.x Update Object

Figure 5. Magento 2.x Update Object Action