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MFT Overview

MFT (Managed File Transfer) is a reliable and secure file transfer method. It allows you to transfer files between different file servers through various file transfer protocols (like HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS), as well as trigger a series of activities upon the arrival of a target file.

This helps in automating a lot of your business processes to save time and money. One of the popular examples could be to automate your employee lifecycle management by integrating your HRIS (Workday, ADP) with Microsoft AD or Azure AD (Cloud).

MFT on Connect iPaaS

Connect iPaaS enables you to integrate Managed File Transfer with other SaaS and enterprise applications. You can build a workflow to manage files in your SFTP file system based on certain events in other applications. Conversely, you can perform actions on other applications based on changes in the target files in your SFTP file system.

MFT Application on Connect

Figure 1. MFT Application on Connect iPaaS