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MFT Connection

MFT (Managed File Transfer) on Connect iPaaS uses SFTP Basic authorization (Username and Password) and RSA Key authorization (Username and RSA Key). By connecting to your SFTP file system, RoboMQ will utilize the account you provide to establish the SFTP connection. RoboMQ needs the following permissions on your SFTP account to provide a seamless integration experience:

Object Permission
Directory Read & Write Permission
File Read & Write Permission

We at RoboMQ pay utmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policy to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Create a Connection

You need to have an SFTP file system before using MFT application on Connect iPaaS.

  1. To connect with your SFTP file system, you have to choose your preferred connection type, RSA Key or SFTP Authentication.
  2. You will be asked to provide the following information:
Field Name Description
Host Name The IP address or the DNS name of your SFTP file system.
Port By default, the value is 22, you can overwrite the value if you have custom SSH port other than 22.
User Name The user name of the login account.
Password (For SFTP Auth) The password of the user
RSAKey (For RSA Key Auth) The content of the RSA key
  1. For SFTP Authentication, you need to provide the password of the corresponding username to establish the SFTP connection like Figure 1 below.

    Create MFT Connection

    Figure 1: Create MFT Connection with user name and password

  2. For RSA Authentication, you need to provide the content of the RSA key to establish the SFTP connection like shown in Figure 2 below.

    Create MFT Connection with RSA key

    Figure 2: Create MFT Connection with rsa key