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MFT Actions

Actions are the operations that you can perform on your SFTP file system by mapping data attributes & values from input trigger, values through formulas or other constants that you may wish to map.

As shown below, you can create or update files into your SFTP server using a Connect workflow. The MFT action name is "Create File or Update File".

Action for MFT Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Action for MFT on Connect iPaaS

Set up MFT action in your workflow

After selecting the action "Create File or Update File", you will need to set up the action parameters for your File-transfer process.

Note: Currently, the MFT action can only work with the applications which can pass file content in the trigger event, such as Gmail/Outlook trigger (you can utilize the 'attachment' from the received email) or MFT trigger.

  • In the File directory UI, you can select the target directory/folder where you want Connect iPaaS to write the file.
  • In the "File needs to be saved" input box, directly drag the file object from the "Trigger Data" area as pointed in the screenshot below
  • You can either choose "Create a new file" or "Overwrite the file" to manage file duplication. "Create a new file" option will append an auto-generated suffix to the file name to avoid duplication.

In the example below, the MFT action will write the file content from the Outlook email attachment to the target directory with the same file name.

MFT Action - Create File Or Update File

Figure 2. MFT Action Create File or Updated File example