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Libelium Use Cases

You can select from multiple integrations available on Connect iPaaS with Libelium as trigger. Few of the popular use cases are below:

Libelium + Salesforce + Twilio | Automated alerts from IOT sensor data

With this use case, new incidents will be handled as soon as possible because your teams will be alerted almost instantaneously.

The newly configured data from Libelium IoT will create a record in Salesforce and send an automated message alert to appropriate team members through Twilio.

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Libelium + ServiceNow | Respond to IOT sensor data quickly

Decrease response time by integrating Libelium with your ServiceNow incident response platform.

With this use case, you can automatically create new ServiceNow incidents in response to any abnormal data returned by IoT sensors or devices.

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Libelium + PagerDuty | Expedite Response Time from IoT Sensors

Respond faster to abnormal IoT sensor data by integrating Libelium and PagerDuty. With this use case, new specified data from Libelium can create an incident in PagerDuty in near real-time, thus enabling faster decision making and response.

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