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Libelium Triggers

A Trigger in a Connect iPaaS workflow serves as the starting point of the workflow. Some activity done on your trigger application either manually by you or by an API call performed by some third party causes your workflow to start processing.

Connect iPaaS listens to new events that happen on your Libelium Meshlium gateway and detects the messages which could then be sent to other applications.

Note: You will need to make sure that your Meshlium gateway has been set up and is receiving telemetry data from your IoT devices before you can set up your trigger. Check out our Connection guide for detailed instructions.

New Data From Libelium

The New Data From Libelium will listen for telemetry data that is sent from the Meshlium gateway.

Note: The Record Limit and Record Interval you configured in the RoboMQ Plugin on your Meshlium gateway will directly impact how much trigger data you get and when you get it.

Trigger Selection Page

Figure 1.Trigger Selection Page

Once you have set up your RoboMQ plugin you can select the following set of configurations to determine what kind of data you want to listen to

Select a Gateway

Every Meshlium gateway you enable the RoboMQ plugin on, Connect iPaaS allows you to listen for events coming out of that particular gateway. This way you can have multiple flows listening to multiple gateways for events.

Select a Sensor

Every sensor that sends telemetry data to the Meshlium gateway, Connect iPaaS will allow you to listen for events for that particular sensor. This way you can have multiple flows listening to multiple sensors for events.

Trigger Configuration Page

Figure 2.Trigger Configuration Page