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Libelium Overview

Libelium is powering the IoT revolution by connecting any IoT device/sensor to any Cloud platform using any wireless technology.

It provides a robust platform, Meshlium IoT gateway, where you can manage your IoT devices and connect with other cloud applications, within or outside of your organization. Meshlium is the central point where IoT devices send data.

RoboMQ's Connect iPaaS integrates with your Meshlium gateway to receive your IoT sensor data and helps you send the data downstream to your other apps through a simple No-Code workflow builder. It enables you to create impactful and automated business processes in minutes.

For more details on what your Meshlium gateway can do please refer to this technical guide

Libelium on Connect iPaaS

Connect iPaaS enables you to quickly integrate Libelium with any other SaaS or enterprise applications through a drag & drop business workflow builder.

You can build a workflow using the Libelium trigger and can perform actions on other cloud applications based on the data sent from Libelium.

Libelium Application on Connect

Figure 1. Libelium Application on Connect iPaaS