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Libelium Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow, certain data points of your Trigger application are available in the Action application for data mapping.

These Data Mapping can be mapped to the specific attributes of the Action application. This powerful capability not only allows field mapping but also the complex transformation using excel style functions with hundreds of formulas and operations.

Example Scenario with Libelium Trigger

To better illustrate the mapping of Data Mapping, we will take a scenario where you are using IoT devices to monitor the humidity level of fertilizer in a storage silo, when the humidity level rises beyond a specific point a ServiceNow incident will be created and a SMS notification will be sent out. While configuring the action for incident creation, we have used the 2 Data Mapping, Wasp Name and Measurement to create a meaningful description on the ServiceNow incident. Using Wasp Name and Measurement is just one use-case. You can add more attributes in the flow as per your workflow requirement. The following are the available attributes you can use in a flow.

  • Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Wasp ID
  • Wasp Name
  • Parser Type
  • Sensor Description
  • Measurement
  • Longitude
  • Timestamp

Please refer the screenshot below to see how easy it is:

Data Mapping on Libelium application

Figure 1. Data Mapping on Libelium Application

Learn more about Data Mapping here.