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Libelium Connection

It is easy and quick to configure Connect iPaaS to receive your Libelium IoT data.

First, set up your Libelium Meshlium gateway(s) so that Connect iPaaS can integrate with your gateway and receive your IoT data.

While connecting your gateway, Connect iPaaS will access the following data to ensure that you have a smooth connection experience.

Object Permission
Wasp Gets the telemetry data of the wasp and the metadata of the wasp
Meshlium Gateway Gets the name of the Meshlium Gateway

The following are the steps on how to set up your Meshlium Gateway with Connect iPaaS.

Note: All of these steps can be found in your Meshlium Plug-in Handbook.

Password Generation For Gateway Setup

To integrate Connect iPaaS with your Meshlium Gateway, you will need to email RoboMQ at to get a special Connect iPaaS backend password. Please make sure to mention the email you used to sign up on Connect iPaaS.

You can either send us the mail manually or just press the Get Password button on the connection setup page in the Connect iPaaS Dashboard to have this email automatically sent to us. Once you have received your password from us, you can continue with the setup.

Meshlium Gateway Setup

Following are the few steps that you will need to finish before you can create a flow in Connect iPaaS using your Meshlium Gateway.

  1. On your Meshlium management UI dashboard, navigate to the RoboMQ Cloud connector dashboard following the below order:
    Manager System > Cloud Connector > Basic Cloud Partner > RoboMQ
    You will see the below screen:

    Libelium Dashboard

    Figure 1. Libelium Dashboard

  2. Fill out the configuration form with the password you received in the email from RoboMQ. Further explanation of all of these configuration fields can be found in the RoboMQ Connector guide that comes with your Meshlium Gateway plugin guide attached in the email from RoboMQ.

    • Host:
    • SSL: true
    • Tenant: The company you used signed up with.
    • Username: The email address you used to sign up.
    • Password: The password that was given to you by RoboMQ.
    • Log Level: It is set for the connector with the following options,
      • OFF: No new logs will be printed to the log tab on the Meshlium gateway.
      • FINE: The most verbose logging level. All logging statements are visible in the logging window.
      • INFO: Very verbose logging level but omits extremely detailed logs
      • WARNING: Only shows warning and severe logs to the user.
      • SEVERE: Only shows severe logs.
    • Record Limit: The number of records that are queried at every record query interval. Note: The higher the number the less responsive your Meshlium gateway will get.
    • Record Interval: The number of seconds that will elapse in between each record query. Note: The lower the number the less responsive your Meshlium gateway will get.
  3. Click the grey Save button. This action saves your configurations that are on your Meshlium dashboard.

  4. Click the green Start button on the Meshlium dashboard. This action starts the RoboMQ Connect Meshlium plugin on your gateway.

    RoboMQ Connector Status

    Figure 2. Libelium Connector Status