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Google Cloud SQL Connection

To connect your Google Cloud SQL selected database with Connect iPaaS, you have to add the given IP Addresses to the whitelist in the your database so that you can connect to your database via Connect iPaaS. After adding the IP addresses you have to provide your Google Cloud SQL server and database details so that Connect iPaaS has the necessary credentials to connect and perform the desired actions.

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Google Cloud SQL Connection

Figure 1. Google Cloud SQL Connection

To create your database connection, select the database engine that you want to integrate. Connect iPaaS supports two database engines for Google Cloud SQL.

  • MySQL - This will connect to the database which uses MySQL DB engine.

  • PostgreSQL - This will connect to the database which uses PostgreSQL DB engine.

After the selection of the target database engine, please complete the connection parameters accordingly.

Note: Connect iPaaS will not be able to connect to your database if it is protected by a firewall. For making your integration with Google Cloud SQL work, whitelist these IP addresses on your server.