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DocuSign Overview

DocuSign is the industry leader in eSignature solutions. With DocuSign, you can electronically sign sales contracts, offer letters, invoices, account openings, and more from anywhere at anytime without any manual effort. DocuSign is used to automate and cover the entire agreement process - from creation to signing, acting on, and managing legally binding agreements for organizations stored securely in the cloud.

DocuSign provides solutions to support Financial Services, Real Estate, Banking, Sales, HR, and many other industries and job functions. DocuSign also offers additional services to help you verify identities, perform background checks, and manage digital agreement workflows.

Read the official documentation of DocuSign here.

DocuSign on Connect iPaaS

Connect iPaaS enables you to integrate DocuSign with other SaaS and enterprise applications. You can build a workflow to create or send envelopes using predefined templates based on certain triggers in other applications. Conversely, you can perform actions on other applications based on triggers in the status of the envelope.

DocuSign Application on Connect

Figure 1. DocuSign Application on Connect iPaas