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DocuSign Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that will take place as a result of the trigger defined in the upstream application. You can perform these actions on DocuSign by using simple drag-drop and data mapping of elements and values from the trigger, derived values using formulas, or a desired constant that you may wish to map.

All of the actions that you see below automate what you can do manually on DocuSign.

As shown below, you can Create or Send envelope using template based in response to a trigger event.

Action for DocuSign Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Action for DocuSign on Connect iPaaS

Set up DocuSign action in your workflow

After selecting the action as "Create and Send Envelope using template" as above, you can continue to configure or set up your action that will define what type of template you want to send or create. You can also specify the values of the fields from the input trigger event.

Setting up DocuSign Action

Figure 2. Set up DocuSign action on Connect iPaaS

Email Subject

This field defines the email subject when the workflow sends a DocuSign document. You can either type any values for the email subject, or you can also map the fields in the trigger panel to generate your subject line dynamically.

Select Template

The select template dropdown shows all the templates which are in your DocuSign account. After you select the template it will open the new form below which has all the required fields for creating the envelope of that template.