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Coupa Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the most powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow certain attributes from your trigger application are available to the action application. These attributes can be mapped to the attributes of the action application. Moreover, with the powerful transformation provided by Excel-style functions, these attributes can be transformed to get the desired action.

Data Mapping with Coupa

Workflows that you create using Coupa triggers can have the following attributes when you are configuring an action. To illustrate this we will take the example of a NetSuite Invoice being created when a Coupa Invoice is created:

  • Created Date: Date when the Invoice was processed
  • Total: Total amount of the Invoice
  • Amount Paid: Total amount that has been paid on the invoice

NetSuite has many more attributes that is not shown that you can use when configuring an action.

Data Mapping for Netsuite

Figure 1. Data Mapping for Netsuite

From Figure 1 we have chosen that when an invoice is created in Coupa we will map that invoice's Total-with-taxes and Advanced-payment-received-amount, to the Netsuite invoice's attributes Created Date, Total, and Amount Paid respectively. You can also mix mapped attributes from the trigger data panel and any text that you type into the text box. We use this to note the date the invoice was created.