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Coupa Connection

Before you create your first Connect iPaaS workflow you will need to allow third party applications and services to integrate with Coupa. To integrate Connect iPaaS with Coupa you need to create a Coupa API Key, this key is a unique sequence of letters and numbers that allows Connect iPaaS to connect with your Coupa instance. As the end user you can decide if you want the API Key to have an expiration date and/or determine what Coupa entities Connect iPaaS can access.

RoboMQ needs the following permissions on your account to provide a seamless integration experience:

For Trigger

Create an Object

Object Permission
List of Trigger Entities Create /Update /Show /Index Permission

Update an Object

Object Permission
List of Trigger Entities Create /Update /Show /Index Permission

For Action

Create a Record

Object Permission
List of Action Entities Create /Update /Show /Index Permission

Update a Record

Object Permission
List of Action Entities Create /Update /Show /Index Permission

We at RoboMQ pay utmost attention to keep your account secure. See our Security and Privacy Policy to learn more about how RoboMQ handles your account access.

Steps to prepare Coupa Instance

  1. First, you will have to go to the Setup window on your Coupa instance. Coupa's Setup Button

    Figure 1. Coupa dashboard setup button

  2. Once you’re on the Setup Dashboard, scroll down to the Integrations section and click on the API Keys, or if you can’t find it type “API Keys” in the instant filter, where you will be guided to the API Keys link.
    Coupa's API Key's

    Figure 2. Coupa dashboard API Keys

  3. Once you have navigated to the API Keys section to create a new key click the 'Create' button.
    Coupa's Create Button

    Figure 3. Coupa dashboard create new API Key

  4. On the create an API key screen there are a few options you can choose when you’re configuring a new API key. The available options are as follows:

    • Name – Required: The name of the API key. You can give any name of your choice.
    • Description (Optional): The description of what the key is associated with.
    • Contact First Name: Ben
    • Contact Last Name: Smith
    • Contact Email:
    • Expiry Date: Date after which this API key will no longer be active.
    • Enable Permissions: This is where you can select what entities this API can access and if Connect iPaaS can Read, Create, or Update entities. We recommend for best results you click Check All
    • Enable IP Whitelisting: If you want to restrict access at an IP address level please send a mail to our support team at

Once you’re done configuring the API Key click the Create button at the end of the page.

Coupa's Key Config

Figure 4. Coupa dashboard API key config

After you create the API Key you will be directed to the API Keys page where you can retrieve your new API Key. If you want to revoke your API key you can do so on this page.

Coupa's New Key

Figure 5. Coupa dashboard new API key

With the URL of your Coupa instance and API Key you can now use the Coupa integration on Connect iPaaS.

Using your API Key in Connect iPaaS

You can use the API key and public URL to give Connect iPaaS access to your Coupa account.

Coupa Connection Page

Figure 6. Coupa Connection on Connect iPaaS

NOTE: If you restrict read and write permissions to certain entities, triggers and actions will not work.

NOTE: Many Coupa entites are supported in Connect iPaaS, however, as the Coupa API grows Connect's Coupa integration will expand with it. The following tables will lead you to a list of currently supported entities.