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Coupa Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that will take place as a result of the trigger defined in the upstream application. These action you can perform on Coupa by simple drag-drop and data mapping of elements and values from the trigger, derived values using formulas or a desired constant that you may wish to map.

All of the actions that you see below automate what you can do manually on Coupa.

As shown in Figure 1, you can Create or Update objects in your Coupa instance based in response to a trigger event.

Actions for Coupa Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Actions for Coupa Application on Connect iPaaS

Create Object

Users can use this type of action to create new objects in Coupa from the list of supported entities. In some cases, dependent entities will need to be created before you can create other entities that rely on that entity. For example, suppose you want to create an invoice, you will need to create a couple of suppliers beforehand so each invoice can be associated with the supplier.

Update Object

Users can use this type of action to update an existing entity in Coupa. The list of the supported entities can be found here. Please note that due to limitations in the Coupa API the selection criteria for updating certain record(s) is limited at this time.

Note: As noted in each type of action Coupa provides a large list of entities for both trigger & action. Entities are represented as objects in Coupa. When selecting action like 'create object' you need to specify a particular object like Supplier, Department which represents an entity in the Coupa portal. A list of supported entities is located here.