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Business Central Use Cases

Use cases Detailed description Involved Ecosystem(s)
1. Business Central (New Object Created or Object Updated) → Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Twilio (Action) Whenever a new object is created, updated, deleted for the Business Central system, we can send mail using Outlook, Gmail, post message to Slack channel, and Twilio. Business Central, Slack, Twilio, Gmail, Outlook
2. Trigger (Slack, Twilio, Gmail, Outlook) → Business Central System Object Create, Update, and Delete (Action) Upon new message or new email comes from trigger with certain filter criteria match, we can create, update or delete Business Central object. Business Central, Slack, Twilio, Gmail, Outlook
3. Business Central System(New Object Create, Update, Delete) → PagerDuty (Action) Upon new object created, updated or deleted, or platform event in Business Central, in PagerDuty we can add acknowledge event, add Trigger Event, Add Resolve Event. Business Central, PagerDuty
4. Business Central System (Trigger) → ServiceNow (Action) Upon new object created, updated or deleted or platform event, we can create new incident, new record, update incident, update record, delete record, delete incident in ServiceNow. Business Central, ServiceNow
5. ServiceNow (Trigger) → Business Central System (Action) Upon new record created or updated in ServiceNow, we can perform actions on Business Central entities/objects like create an employee, items or customers in Business Central system ServiceNow, Business Central