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Business Central Event Filter

Connect iPaaS enables you to select specific events and filter out the rest using certain attributes of the incoming Business Central event. This ability allows selective processing of the events of interest.

Event Filters for Business Central

Figure 1. Event Filtering for Business Central on Connect iPaaS

In the example shown in Figure 1, the workflow will only be triggered when the Name of the customer Equals RoboMQ AND the customer has a Website that Ends With OR the Email ends with

The event filters allow you to choose the attributes of the incoming trigger event to define the selection criteria of events to process. In case of Customers in Business Central, the trigger events can be filtered based on the following attributes:

  • Name - Name of the Customer

  • Phone Number - Phone Number for the Customer

  • Email - Email address of the Customer

  • Website - Website URL of a Customer

  • Tax Liable - Specifies if the customer or vendor is liable for sales tax

  • Tax Area code - Specifies the tax area that is used to calculate and post sales tax

  • Tax Area Display Name - This is the display name of the area where the customer is established

  • Tax Registration Number - Specifies the customer's tax registration number for customers in EU countries/regions.

  • Currency ID - This is a country currency code which will specify in what currency the transaction of money will happen.

  • Shipment Method ID - Specifies which shipment method to use to ship items to the customer.

  • Payment Method ID - Specifies a code that indicates the payment terms that you require of the customer.

  • Blocked - Specifies which transactions with the customer that cannot be blocked, for example, because the customer is insolvent.

  • Last Modified Date Time - Specifies the last time stamp of data being modified.

Attribute/field listing will vary based on the entity you have selected.

See Event Filters to learn more about event filtering on Connect iPaaS.