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Azure MySQL Connection

To connect your Azure MySQL database with Connect iPaaS, you have to provide the details of your Azure MySQL server so that Connect iPaaS has required credentials to connect with the database and perform the desired actions.

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Azure MySQL Connection

Figure 1. Azure MySQL Connection

Connect iPaaS requires following details in order to connect to Azure MySQL database.

  • Connection Name - Name of your connection. This is used by Connect iPaaS to identify your connection. The default name is 'Connection-DatabaseAuth' and you can customize at as per your preferences.
  • Hostname - The location of your Azure MySQL server. It will generally be the IP address of your Azure MySQL server or a URL pointing to the location of your Azure MySQL server.
  • Port - The TCP/IP port on which the Azure MySQL server is listening. The default port number is 3306. If your Azure MySQL server uses a different port number to connect, reach out to RoboMQ support.
  • Database Name - The name of the target database where you want to perform the operations.
  • Username - Username of the database user with required permissions to perform operations.
  • Password - Password of the database user with required permissions to perform operations.

The database user must have the following permissions to carry out these operations:

Action Permission
Create Select, Insert
Update Select, Update
Delete Select, Delete
Upsert Select, Insert, Update

Read more about Azure permissions required by Connect iPaaS here.

Optionally, you can create a database user specifically for the operations performed by Connect iPaaS. To be able to create users you should either have administrator permissions in the database or sysadmin permissions.

Note: Connect iPaaS will not be able to connect to your database if it is protected by a firewall. For making your integration with Azure MySQL work, whitelist these IP addresses on your server.