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ActiveMQ Artemis Data Mapping

Data Mapping and Transformation is one of the powerful features of Connect iPaaS. When you create a workflow certain attributes of your trigger application are available to the Action application for data mapping while making API calls.

These attributes can be mapped to the specific attributes of the Action application. This powerful capability not only allows field mapping but it also allows complex transformation using excel style functions to apply hundreds of formulas and operations. The choice of excel style function makes data mapping on Connect iPaaS easy for business users who are already well versed with Microsoft Excel formulas.

Example Scenario with ActiveMQ Artemis Trigger

The following attributes of the incoming ActiveMQ Messaage are available for data mapping in any Action.

  • Type - Message type of the incoming message.
  • Message - The contents of the message. This attribute is not available if the message type is Map.
  • Delivery Mode - Persistent if the message persists in queue/topic if the recipient is unavailable otherwise Non-Persistent.
  • Priority - Messages can be specified with a priority value between 0 and 9. 0 represents the lowest priority and 9 represents the highest.
  • Message ID - The alphanumeric Id of the message.
  • Correlation ID - Helps correlate requesuests with responses.
  • Timestamp: Timestamp of the time when the message was sent.
  • Reply To - The destination where a reply to the current message should be sent. If it is null, no reply is expected.
  • Redelivered: The redeliverd attribute is set to true if sending the message failed in first attempt and the message is being redeliverd.

In case where Message Type is Map, You can define the keys of incoming Map type messsage and use them for filtering the Event. For example in figure 1 below, the values AppName and AppVersion are available in RabbitMQ action for Mapping. Also the Priority and ReplyTo attributes of outgoing RabbitMQ message are mapped using the same properites of incoming ActiveMQ Artemis message.

Data Mapping on RabbitMQ using trigger data of ActiveMQ Artemis if message type is Map

Figure 1. Data Mapping on RabbitMQ using trigger data of ActiveMQ Artemis when message type is Map