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ActiveMQ Artemis Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that you can perform on ActiveMQ Artemis by a simple drag and drop and data mapping of elements and values from the input trigger, derived values using formulas or desired constant that you may wish to map.

Connect iPaaS has two actions for ActiveMQ Artemis:

  1. Send Message to ActiveMQ Queue
  2. Send Message to ActiveMQ Topic

Actions for ActiveMQ Artemis Application on Connect iPaaS

Figure 1. Actions for ActiveMQ Artemis Application on Connect iPaaS

Set up ActiveMQ Artemis action in your workflow

After selecting the action you can continue to configure or set up your action parameter that will define what message will be published in ActiveMQ Artemis Queue or Topic. You can also construct the content of the message being published or other properties using values from the input trigger event. In case of Map type Message, you can define the key-value pairs in the outgoing message.

To populate your outgoing message and other message properties, you can use excel style functions and sophisticated Data Mapping and Transformation capabilities on Connect iPaaS.

Setting up ActiveMQ Artemis Action

Figure 2. Setting up ActiveMQ Artemis action on Connect iPaaS

Queue/Topic Name

The name of the queue or the topic on which you want to publish the message.

Message Type

The message type of the outgoing message. It can be any one of Text, Bytes, Object or Map.

Message Content

The content of the ougoing message. If the message type is Map, you can specify, Key-Value pairs for the outgoing message.

Setting up ActiveMQ Artemis Action with Map type Message

Figure 2. Setting up ActiveMQ Artemis action with Map type Message

Optional Properties

Along with these you can add multiple optional properties to the outgoing message:

  • Type - The value of the type attribute of outgoing message.
  • Priority - Messages can be specified with a priority value between 0 and 9. 0 represents the lowest priority and 9 represents the highest
  • Correlation ID - ID to relete requests to response.
  • Delivery Mode - Persistent if you want the message to persist in queue/topic if the recipient is unavailable, otherwise Non-Persistent.