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AWS S3 Connection

AWS S3 application on Connect iPaaS uses Basic authorization. To connect your AWS S3 account, Connect iPaaS needs an access key and a secret access key. The AWS S3 user must have programmatic access to be able to use AWS S3 on Connect iPaaS.

The user must have the following permissions for a seamless integration experience.

For Trigger

Object Permission
Bucket Read
AWS-SNS Full Permission

For Action

Object Permission
Bucket Read, Write

AWS S3 Connection

Figure 1. AWS S3 Connection

Your Access key and Secret Access Key will either be provided by your AWS administrator or you can generate them by signing in to your AWS Management Console.

Generate your AWS Access key and secret Access key

  1. Sign in to AWS Management Console.

  2. Go to My Security Credentials by clicking on your IAM user.

    My Security Credentials on AWS

    Figure 2. My Security Credentials on AWS S3

  3. Click on Create Access Key to create an access key. AWS will let you download your keys.

    Create Access Key on AWS S3

    Figure 3. Create Access Key on AWS S3

    Note : You can download/view your Secret Access keys only once. If you lose your keys, you have to create a new key pair.

  4. A complete guide can found here.

Optionally, you can create a user for Connect iPaaS with the access and secret key credentials with the required permissions on specific buckets only. Using this Connect iPaaS will have controlled access and can work on behalf of the user. If the IAM user has Multifactor authentication enabled, it will not be able to use AWS S3 application on Connect iPaaS.