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AWS RDS Overview

Amazon Relational Database Service (AWS RDS) is a web service that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the AWS Cloud. It provides a cost-efficient, resizable capacity for an industry-standard relational database and manages common database administration tasks.

AWS RDS simplifies many of the difficult or tedious management tasks of a relational database. Read the official documentation of AWS RDS here.

AWS RDS on Connect iPaaS

Connect iPaaS enables you to integrate AWS RDS with other SaaS and enterprise applications. You can build a workflow to perform various operations like create, update, delete, or updates/insert a record on your database engine. Currently, Connect iPaaS supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases hosted on AWS RDS. If your databases are hosted on other hosting services you can use the other database applications on Connect iPaaS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

AWS RDS Application on Connect

Figure 1. AWS RDS Application on Connect iPaaS