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AWS IoT Actions

Actions are the operations (or API operations) that you can perform on AWS IoT by simple drag-drop and data mapping of elements and values from input trigger, derived values using formulas or a desired constant that you may wish to map.

All of the actions that you see below automate what you can do manually on AWS IoT.

As shown below, you can send a new event or message in response to a trigger event.

Aws IoT Selection Criteria

Figure 1. Action for AWS IoT Application on Connect iPaaS

Set up AWS IoT action

Select the action as "Send a new event or message". Continue to configure or set up your action parameters that will define what message you want to publish in the particular topic. You can also construct the IoT data and topic name, dynamically using values from the input trigger event.

Set up AWS IoT Action

Figure 2. Set up AWS IoT action on Connect iPaaS

Topic Name

Topic Name is used to identify the AWS IoT messages. If you're publishing a message on any desired topic you can subscribe to the same topic for getting the message.

Enter IoT Data

This field contains the message content to be published on AWS IoT. You can construct this message either manually or map fields coming from the trigger application.