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ADP Use Cases

Employee Lifecycle Management

In today’s economic climate, companies are in a constant battle to increase productivity and efficiency with minimal investment. Automation has become the norm and elimination of manual process is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. This is especially true for HR teams as they must work together to efficiently onboard and offboard employees, and manage employee lifecycle events.

The ADP to Microsoft Active Directory integration makes the HR teams life easier and more productive. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is among the many important integrations provided by Connect iPaaS . Active Directory is a hierarchical structure that stores information about objects in the organization. You can use extracted records from ADP to manage Employees in Active Directory by creating/updating/deleting Users under specific Organizational Units (OU) based on the Employee lifecycle spectrum ranging from Onboarding, Career Development and Offboarding.

For example, Integration of ADP to AD can ensure that updates to the new hires CSV file will automatically be transferred to AD where they can be instantly assigned to security groups and distribution lists. Example Flow: ADP (Extract Records From New Or Updated CSV Files) - Active Directory (Create new user under a specific Organization Unit)

Journal Entries in Netsuite

The HR department of your company can avoid data duplication from new recruitment to payroll by integrating ADP with Netsuite. Every time the Employee Database is updated with a new hire, Netsuite will also be updated with the same data ensuring that both the applications are up to date.

This integration can also help in the generation of the summary of total salaries paid, exclusions, taxes, and enters each of them into a NetSuite Journal entry as per the polling duration defined by you in the ADP trigger in Connect iPaaS.

Example Flow: ADP (Extract Records From New Or Updated CSV Files) - Netsuite (Update Record - Journal Entry)