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Use a Recipe

When you click on a specific community recipe, you will see a detailed page of the same recipe. On this page, you can get all the details of the application integration, including the recipe title, description, guide video as well as flow configuration explanation as shown in Figure 1. below.

Recipe Detail Page

Figure 1. Recipe Detail Page

After clicking the Use Recipe Button, a flow will be created using this recipe. You just need to follow the steps and fill the details of the workflow with your data. A recipe will provide you pre-filled data and you can update them to fit your requirement.

Create a workflow using Recipe Example "Share Leads Between Partners"

  1. Click on the recipe Share Leads Between Partners and you will be taken to the recipe detail page of "Share Leads Between Partners".

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 2. Recipe Detail Page

  2. Click on the Use Recipe button on the top right corner. A pop-up will appear which will prompt you to provide the workflow name and description.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 3. Use Recipe

  3. After filling the required workflow details, click on the Create Workflow button. This will create a new workflow for you. In this case, new workflow integration between Dynamics CRM and Salesforce will be created for you. If you don't have a connection set up for the Dynamic CRM, you will be prompted to set up the connection first.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 4. Set Up Connection for Trigger

  4. Once the connection has been set up, you will be redirected to the event definition page. Here, you need to verify the data settings, configure the business logic, and click on the Save button to save the Trigger configuration.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 5. Configure event trigger definition

  5. Once you save the Event Trigger configuration settings, you are ready to move onto the Actions.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 6. Trigger Summary

  6. Following the same steps as in the Trigger configuration above, you need to set up the connection for the Action configuration.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 7. Set up Connection for Action

  7. Once the Action connection has been set up, you need to set up the data mapping if the default setting does not fit your requirement.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 8. Set up Data Mapping

  8. Once your Action configuration and data mapping has been set up, your workflow is now ready to be deployed. Simply click on the Deploy Flow button and your workflow will start running. You can additionally set up your flow notification if needed.

    Recipe Detail Page

    Figure 9. Deploy Flow