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Share, Publish & Collaborate

Connect iPaaS allows you to save your integration workflows as recipes. This way you can easily share your workflows with your team and collaborate easily on the ongoing business processes.

Save and Share Recipes on Connect iPaaS

You can save and share your recipes on Connect iPaaS either from the Workflow Manage Page or Workflow Design Page.

  1. Save and Share Recipe from Workflow Manage Page: To save your existing workflows as Recipes, click on the Manage Tab on the Connect iPaaS Dashboard. Select the recipe that you want to save as a Recipe from the existing list of workflows. Click on the three vertical dots menu and click on Save as Recipe as shown in Figure 1. below.

    Recipe Main Page

    Figure 1. Save & Share Recipe on Dashboard

  2. Save and Share Recipe from Workflow Design Page: To save workflows as Recipes from the Workflow Design Page, simply click on the Save button (next to Notification, Help and Profile option) on the top right corner of the Workflow Design page of Connect iPaaS as shown in Figure 2. below.

    Recipe Main Page

    Figure 2. Save & Share Recipe on Workflow Design Page

  3. Save and Share Recipe Form: Once you click on any workflow to Save as Recipe, a new pop-up form will appear as shown in Figure 3. below. You can provide the Recipe Name, Recipe Description, and check additional options on this pop-up form and click on the Submit button, which will save your workflow as a Recipe.

    Recipe Main Page

    Figure 3. Save & Share Recipe Form

Hierarchy-Oriented Recipe Sharing

A recipe can be shared across three levels:

  1. Community Level
  2. Company Level
  3. User Level

Share Recipe with Community

You can share your recipe at a Community level, which consists of all the existing Connect iPaaS users, and make it publicly available. While sharing your recipe with the community, you can also select the Category of your Recipe for a specific business function from the list of below-listed six business functions and click on the Submit button. This will share your Recipe to the entire community.

  1. HR
  2. Sales
  3. Marketing
  4. IT
  5. Support
  6. Operations & Finance

Recipe Main Page

Figure 4. Share Recipe with Community

Share Recipe with Your Company

You can share your recipe with the team of your company by selecting the option to share Recipe at an Enterprise level. And all the Connect iPaaS accounts/users registered under the same company domain will be able to access and use this recipe.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 5. Share Recipe with Company

Recipe Main Page

Figure 6. Share Recipe with Company

Share Recipe with Specific Users

You can also share your recipes with a list of specific users. As shown in Figure 7. you can select this option and provide the email address of the users you want to share your recipes with.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 7. Share Recipe with Specific Users