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In general, a Workflow is a series of tasks that process a predefined set of sequences. Connect iPaaS platform allows you to create Workflows that exactly work in a sequence of tasks that you define. In Connect iPaaS, a Workflow is a combination of Trigger and Action(s) where the Trigger initiates the workflow and communicates to the Action nodes to perform the configured actions.

For creating the Workflow on Connect iPaaS, you need to Sign up into the Connect iPaaS application. Connect iPaaS provides multiple ways to Sign Up, includeing Microsoft, Google, Azure or Sign Up with email.

Connect iPaaS Sign Up page

Figure 1. Typical Connect iPaaS Workflow

The image shown above is a typical Connect iPaaS workflow which shows that you can get notified on your Microsoft Teams once an account is created on your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Infinite Workflows

While creating a workflow, you need to be extra careful about the infinite workflows.

Consider a scenario where sending a new message to your Outlook account as an Action ecosystem, a recurring or infinite workflow gets started if you have selected a new email received as an event trigger using the Outlook ecosystem. So every new email that you receive on your Outlook account triggers the action item which sends you a new email message, and once you received a new message, it again triggers an action to send you a new email.

Similarly, while sending a message to the channel on Microsoft Teams as an action, an infinite workflow gets started if you select a new message received on the same Channel as an event trigger by using the same Microsoft Teams as an ecosystem.

To not get flooded with the messages on your Outlook or your Microsoft Teams account, try to avoid such scenarios.

Creating a workflow is an easy process. You can refer to build your first workflow to learn more about creating a workflow from scratch on Connect iPaaS.