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In an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), observability, or the ability to monitor and receive notifications on the outcome of the event progressing is of paramount importance. Connect iPaaS provides the following observability mechanism as an integral part of the platform.

  • Observe Pane: A real-time analytics and reporting dashboard for the event logs or tracking of event processing status, as well as associated error information, if any.
  • Event Notification: Near real-time notifications of the event processing status or errors over email or SMS as opted by the end-user.
  • Event Archival: Near real-time archival or saving of the event logs to AWS S3 or MySQL database as chosen and configured by the end-user.

Learn more about Event Notification and Event Archival.

In this section, we will be focusing on the real-time analytics dashboard.

The Connect iPaaS Observability function provides the user with a visual representation of each and every Event and Transaction that happened on the Connect iPaaS platform.

The main purpose of the Observability function is to provide a simple intuitive interface where a user can monitor the flows and their statuses. For example, the number of flows Running, Deleted, Paused, or Failed.


Figure 1. Connect - Observability Page

Observability Function on Connect iPaaS

The Connect iPaaS platform provides a user with a way to use different ecosystems to work as Trigger and Actions. After a user deploys a flow, there should be a way to show the logs and status of the flows to the user.

The Connect iPaaS Observability function provides a user interface that gives a summary of the flows deployed by the user. The summary comprises of events taking place in the flow which are either in a successful or failed state.

A flow is a combination of Trigger and Actions where the Trigger initiates the flow and communicates to the Action nodes to perform the configured actions.

To see the data on the Observe application, Connect iPaaS users need to deploy the flows. Just keeping the flows in the draft stage will not provide any data on the Connect iPaaS observability page.

Connect users can create a flow from the platforms dashboard page and need to trigger the event to get data on the Observe page which shows 7 days of data by default. Connect iPaaS users can also get data for more or fewer days by selecting the date filter and can apply search and status filters to narrow down the page listing.

The Connect iPaaS Observability function does not have a separate login for itself. This is integrated into the Connect iPaaS platform and shared on the same session object. If a user is logged out and tries to access the Connect iPaaS Observe page, then it will be directed to the Connect iPaaS login page.