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Recipes Pane on Connect iPaaS lists all the pre-built app integration workflows available for users to reuse the same for automating common business processes. On Connect iPaaS, you can find different recipes as per different business functions and applications.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 1. Community Recipes

Recipes are categorized between two major types: Community Recipes and Private Recipes.

Community recipes are publicly available recipes, which also includes popular community recipes verified by RoboMQ. Private recipes are the recipes created or shared by you within your company or the recipes shared directly with you.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 2. Enterprise Recipes

Recipe Main Page

Figure 3. Private Recipes

Connect iPaaS also provides you the most popular recipes on the Connect iPaaS Dashboard page. You can try these popular recipes and explore the trending workflows on Connect iPaaS.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 4. Popular Recipes

Suggested Recipes on Flow Design Page

When you select an application as the trigger event for creating a new workflow, Connect ipaaS will provide a list of suggested recipes using that application. You can try those recipes and understand what are the popular combinations of integrations.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 5. Suggested Recipes

Find a Recipe

As mentioned above, you can find a recipe by selecting an application from the list of available applications on the left panel or by selecting the business function or the combination of both.

Recipe Main Page

Figure 6. Find Recipes

On clicking the clear icon, the search criteria will be cleared.

If you cannot find a workflow recipe for a particular application or business function as per your requirement, you can submit a request to the RoboMQ support team regarding your specific requirement and we will get back to you soon.