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Getting Help

If you have any queries or need help creating a workflow on Connect iPaas, you can click on the Help icon on the top right corner of the Connect iPaaS dashboard or you can directly contact our support team using Contact Us or Chat feature.

Contact Us

To contact us regarding Connect iPaaS queries, you can directly send us an email using the Contact Us option. This option is available on each pane under the Account Setting button.

Contact us

Figure 1. How to help option can be accessed from Account Setting button


You can directly reach our support team using the chat feature. If you are unable to contact us, send us the chat message along with your email id or a contact number and we will touch base with you within the next 24 hours.

chat help

Figure 2. Chat option available on every screen


Connect iPaas provides two types of help.

  • On-Screen Help: Connect iPaas provides on-screen help to you.

  • Contextual Help: Connect iPaas provides contextual help to you. On click of "?" button, it populates the help window which will show the content of the related context.