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Create a Workflow

After a successful login to the Connect iPaaS platform, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page. This is the page where you can find all the available ecosystems that are integrated into the Connect iPaaS platform.

There are two ways to create the Workflows:

From the Dashboard Page

The dashboard page shows all the available ecosystems and has a search option as the starting point of the Workflow integration. Once you select a particular ecosystem, you need to provide the Flow Name and Flow Information that will help you identify the purpose of the Workflow.

Connect iPaaS Dashboard

Figure 1. Connect iPaaS Dashboard

From the Manage Page

You can also create a Workflow from the Manage page where it shows the listing of workflows that you have already created and have a card to create new Workflow at the very beginning of the listing. After clicking the Create Workflow card you need to enter the Flow Name and Flow Information.

Connect iPaaS Manage Page

Figure 2. Connect iPaaS Manage Page